The music of a well crafted engine gives me the kind of butterflies that no man can ever compete with.

Veterinary Technician
My dog
The Sunset

My journal

I’m there for everyone but no one is there for me because apparently my problems aren’t as big as theirs.

And this is how I woke up today.

9 Jul — 3 notes

I’m meeting my mans mom tonight and I’m scared, but she’s making tacos so I’m sure we will get along. Lol.

26 May — 6 notes

I want to wake up wearing your shirt. I want to wake up in the morning and make a fresh pot of coffee and some breakfast for us while listening to Al Green. You would come up to me and give me a kiss while we share our peaceful morning together before we separate ways to tackle our hectic days. I want to come home to you as we make dinner together and talk about our boring or not so boring encounters of the day and just be glad that we are an “us” and that we can support each other through our ups and downs. I want to drink a glass of wine while we watch some late night television and fall asleep to the sound of infomercials.

I want to do this every day. Together. 

14 May — 6 notes

My depression and anxiety have decreased immensely since I’ve cut down on drinking and I’ve stopped eating so much processed food. Considering quitting both for good and seeing where my mind takes me, because i’m really enjoying life right now. 

14 May — 8 notes

My body, health, cooking skills, love life, and career are all falling into place and I couldn’t be happier.
Positive results truly come from a positive mindset.

The laws of attraction are real.

9 May — 11 notes

There’s a girl at the gym who always gives me dirty looks. I don’t know why, she only lifts 5 pounds heavier than me.

I’m going to ask her if she’s okay.

30 Apr — 10 notes