The music of a well crafted engine gives me the kind of butterflies that no man can ever compete with.

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One night,
I will wake up at three AM
And I will roll over
Into your arms.
You will rub my back
Until I fall back to sleep.
I will wait for that.

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northamericantiger: You're so pretty

Vurry nice of you. Thank you. :)

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The other day, I lost my keys.

I remember leaving my friends car to go home, but I don’t know if I packed my keys in my purse or I left them somewhere or whatever since I walked through the open garage. I’ve been using my spare keys for the past few days, but it was stressing me out because my whole life was on my lanyard. 

Hold up.. there’s a reason for this explanation.

Today, I got home from my work interview and was super exhausted. I had an anxiety attack around 7pm because I was afraid of not getting hired. This anxiety attack turned into me driving to the nearest fast food chain to buy some binge and purge food. 

Last minute, I decided to turn out of the drive thru and head to Nekter, a juicing cafe. On the way there, my gas light went on. “Okay.”, I thought. “I can last a while before I need to get gas.

I get on the freeway. TRAFFIC. I was already anxious enough as it was, I’m running on 4 hours of sleep, I’m trying to quit smoking, and NOW theres fucking TRAFFIC. I pulled to the nearest exit and decided to go locally to the store since it wasn’t too far. 

I get there at 7:07 pm. The fucking store closed at 7. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS. By now I’m just ready to give up, but I decided to head to Robeks about 2 miles away, closer to my area, to get an Evergreen juice. The cute barista or whatever gave me a large instead of a small. I guess he could tell that I’ve had enough of the world’s shit. 

I take my juice, and start driving home. “Uh oh… the fucking gas tank is almost dunzo”. I decided to pull over near my friends neighborhood to get gas. After filling up, I was finally on my way home when my friend texts me “I have your keys.” RIGHT when I’m in front of her neighborhood.


SO pretty much everything happens for a reason. 

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Loving yourself is one of the greatest things you can do

and also one of the hardest. 

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